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How Music Promotes Healthy Living

Healthy living is all about physical health, right? Well, not at all because health can also mean mental status. Think about this, music can affect your personality. The music you listen can influence your nature. For example, rock music promotes a strong character and full of fun energy. But it may change as we age and the light music may be more influential and make us more calm, laid back, and yet energetic.

Music and your health – are they connected?

Yes, music can get our blood rushing or feel relaxed and life-enriching. Depending on the music that you listen, it has the power the set your mood and to the frame of mind.

How can music help you live a healthy life?

Listening to the right type of music can help develop your attitude and mood, conceiving a happy and positive point of view. In many cases, happy people live a healthy long life compared to others who are unhappy, upset and bothered by troubles. While our body can handle stress, it is not always the case. Music has healing effects on our body.

Everyone loves music. It feels good when you hear your favourite music on the radio or music system. On the other hand, you ignore the song you hear when you don’t like it.

In movies, music makes it more interesting to watch. The accompanying music depends on the kind of movie. Whatever kind of movie it is, the soundtrack puts the audience in the mood.

So how is music is related to our health? Music with good vibes makes you feel positive and happy. You should indulge in music more often and focus your efforts on the type of music that can boost your mood, reduce stress and even improve sleep.

Power Of Music – How Does Music Affect Our Lives?

We can all agree that music has the power to influence people, especially the young generation. It is easy to tell as many people are enthusiastically spending more time on their iPods and their favourite artists are their new idols. Many believe that music is one of the top forms of entertainment today, for others music looks a lot like a new religion.

How does music affect human conditions?

Music has a strong impact on human conditions. It can get people together, bring a new culture, preparing people for war and music can touch our deepest feelings. Yes, music is not just entertainment, music is a powerful tool that strongly shapes the young generation.

Young people greatly admire their favourite artists and imitate them in any aspects. Interestingly, they put more attention to their idols than anything else. Exposure to positive attractions through music can help young people learn to deal with life and stressful situations. Music also helps them develop social connections and attain a sense of belonging.

Overall, we can say that music is not just words and rhythm but a force that cannot be explained. It can influence our mind, make us feel mixed emotions, sometimes even physically changes us. Music unites people and there are many instances of friendships established because of music.

We know that music affects people in different aspects. No matter what people listen to, the attraction most people have on a particular music genre just is the result of satisfaction and happiness. Music can make you feel more positive and optimistic about life.

Music – Does It Help Make a Meaningful Life?

At some point in our life, we normally come to a point where we sit and think about our life in general. Often, after a few years of immersing our life in corporate work, we tend to look back at things and finds out something is missing. After focusing on important matters, one may still not feel complete. Then one day hearing the musical choir in your church, the religious songs make an impact in your life.

Music make life more meaningful

While it is true that religion benefits one’s life, let us not forget the impact of music in our lives to help us feel complete. When we feel down, we tend to look for ways for consolation. We see the latest news on TV and see people suffering, and the music that accompanies the video footage makes us reflects on it more deeply. After a while, we realized that many people have with bigger problems than us. It proves that the help of music, it encourages us to get through with life making it more meaningful.

In almost every significant lifetime experience is marked by a musical part. Music sets the tone for wedding, graduation, funerals, anniversaries and more. The music, rhythm and beat set the tone for people to focus on the task or event. In most significant events and occasions in life, it is the music that helps make it more meaningful and memorable.

Indeed, music is an important part of our life. It aids in our way of expressing our feelings as well as emotions.

About Spirituality Matters

Why Religion and Spirituality Matters

Humans always seek meaning for life on earth and life hereafter. We believe there is a higher power that is responsible for all the answers we are looking for. And we refer to religion and our spirituality as the very foundation of all these. 

Religion and spirituality have deeper meaning and effect on humans. And all of these have positive effects on mental health. With religion and spirituality, here are the effects humans receive:

Social Connection 

Being in the same religious group and having spirituality give you a sense of belonging. When you believe in the same things, you feel as one with other people. Religion and spirituality promote social connection unlike any other. They are a huge bond that connects people in more ways than they can imagine. 


Religion and spirituality promote a sense of belonging. Since you are on the same page, you are the same. No arguments, no divided opinions. You belong because you understand in the way the other people understand it, too. 

Trust and Safety

With religion and spirituality, you always seek to be the best version of yourself. There is nothing you will do that will sabotage the goodness and the relationship you have with other people. Because you are in this group, you trust them. You know that you are safe in their company and that they will never let you down.